Members Page

This page is reserved and secured for the convienience of Rusk COC members.  On the page below you will find information and tools that make it easier to connect with other chuch members and ministries.

  • ACTS Groups

    Our ACTS groups meet each Sunday for a fellowship meal and devotional.  These small group meetings are a great way to get to know fellow members and stay connected to Rusk COC events and activities .  It is also an opportunity to encourage and pray for the needs of others.  There are a number of groups to choose from that meet in a variety of locations.  If you are not currently involved in an ACTS group, ask someone about finding a group that's right for you.

Members Directory For Mobile App

Follow these instrutions to download and sign into The Rusk COC mobile app for the church directory.  

Click the link below for instructions on navigating the app

App Navigation

Discipleship Resource

Take advantage of this great new digital discipleship resource.  You now have free access to thousands of video Bible studies and supplemental materials for study individually and with groups of any size.



To:  41411                               

  • Shepherds

    Pat Hardy                 

    John Thomason        

    John Burkhalter

    Jim Thompson

    Kent Shuttlesworth

  • Deacons

    Stanley Gresham  

    Jeff Hagemeier    

    Jeff Hancock         

    Danny Reed          

    John Taylor           

    James Blankinship

  • Evangelist and Youth Minister

    Robby Arrington    

    Pat Hardy